From the recording Beautiful Misery

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1> Way down south, down around the swamps, down where the gators roam.
There was a beat-up broken down house, that some old lady owned.
They say she died about ten years ago, but I don't know if that is true.
'cause on a night when the moon is bright, you can still see her walking through...
The Devil's Creek.

2> It must've been 'bout six or seven years since the old man been around.
I remember the night he died, & when they laid him in the ground.
He got beat up by a bunch of kids, they took his money & they took his life.
But he came back & He took care of that, should've seen the look in their eyes...
down at the Devil's Creek.


3> They say good things come to those who wait, but that ain't always true.
She lived alone all her life, worked hard & she paid her dues.
She prayed to God for some salvation, but all she got was pain & grief,
Until the day they found her strung up; looks like she got her own relief...
from the Devil's Creek...

Somethin' strange is goin' on here at the Devil's Creek...
this place brings life to all of your fears... The Devil's Creek.